addLEAP is working on a completely unique metal 3D printer technology that will allow professionals to rapidly produce customized parts in solid metals such as copper and steel alloys, in a safe 3D printer available for every engineer and office.

The simplicity and reliability of the technology will enable a new level of accessibility for metal prototyping and low volume production.

LEAP™, Layered Encased Additive Process (technology pat. pend.)

The LEAP technology combines an injection molding technology and an additive technology to greatly simplify the process of creating a 3d body with possibility for sintering. The body is built layer by layer where a mold is created and filled in parallel.

CODE™, Continuous Debind (technology pat. pend.)

The invention behind continuous debind makes it possible to eliminate the cumbersome and sometimes toxic step of removing the binder from the printed object in a metal printing process. This saves time and reduces complexity in the process.


Automatic calibration and reliable printing mechanism, process uses known technology

For Engineers

Professional machine for everyday use

Office Safe

Closed chamber and air filtering system, non-toxic debinding and sintering process

Low Waste

The waste is 1/4th of other sintered metal processes

Functional Prototyping in Metal

Functional parts for prototyping in materials such as sintered copper, brass and steel

System Cost 1/10th of Competition

The LEAP process is simple and will allow for a sub 10 000USD system cost

High Resolution

The LEAP™ technology enables resolution down to 35 microns layers.

Multi Material

The LEAP™ technology is compatible with any sinterable powder. We are printing in materials such as copper alloys, iron alloys and steel, and we are adding other high performance metals and also ceramics.

Low Printing Cost

FDM based metal printing
LEAP technology based metal printing
Laser powder bed metal printing


Calculation is total cost for printing 1 part with weight 50 grams in a prototyping use case. We have used a 5 year write off for the cost of the system and the users labour cost is set at 60 USD/h.
We estimate 200 work days/year efficient usage of the systems.

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